Group Groups are a way of making the 'big' church small and personal. Our vision is to unleash an underground network of Christian communities into our neighborhoods to proclaim and witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jesus had many relationships in life but there were a few that he called to be His disciples. In this smaller group of disciples, Jesus shared His life openly. He gave of himself to serve and teach them to become like Him and to know the Father.



Gather with other men for a time of encouragement, learning, prayer, and growth.



Women gather for a time of encouragement, caring, and prayer as they seek to support each other and challenge each other to see Jesus in their lives.



We’re here to help you Start/Restart your relationship with Jesus.

Taking the next step in your faith is a big decision. Whether you want to put your faith in Jesus for the very first time, or renew your commitment to him, it’s never too late.


Igniting The Vessels of Glory -Prophetic Flag Ministry & Community Outreach

Throughout history, Flags and Banners have represented the beliefs and purposes of those who carry them. Flown as signals, rallying points and standards of identification, flags define battle lines, and give direction and encouragement. They declare the victory and identify the one in authority. They are an outward expression of the praise that is in our hearts.

In a worship service, Flags and Banners are used for God’s people as a visual tool on which to focus. They can declare a time of battle in spiritual warfare, God’s love, His grace, holiness and power. As the Spirit of God (the watchman) directs, the waving of Flags and Banners will open the “spiritual gates” of heaven allowing the Holy Spirit to flow freely among His people with healing, deliverance and encouragement. Flags and Banners are vital to the Body of Christ. They make a statement – a statement of our worship, our praise, our warfare, and a statement that reflects our work with the Lord. They are a form of visual worship and they make a powerful statement to the non-believer. They are a silent witness in ministry but they speak volumes to anyone who looks at them.