Sprouts - Birth-5


The nursery exists to provide a safe and loving atmosphere where simple Bible truths are modeled and taught. Planting eternal seeds from the very beginning is important to us. We desire to partner with parents and help them feel confident in knowing we are on this journey with them.

Our desire in preschool is to instill biblical concepts through age-specific learning. Classroom time is broken down by age and consists of activities and crafts that reinforce the biblical truths taught during large group. Children also engage in age-appropriate worship.

L.I.T Kids - Ages 6-12


We know that your children are cherished members of your family, and the Bible teaches that children are a gift from God. At NWC, we want to partner with you, the parent, to help your children become who God created them to be.

We believe that two combined influences, the heart of the family and the light of the church have a great impact on the life of a child for Jesus Christ.


Our Vision: To provide a ministry where kids are firmly planted in God’s love and where they are challenged to grow closer to Christ. We have a very special place just for your child! Our desire as a ministry team is to help your child feel a warm sense of belonging in their class.


Our Purpose: To love kids into God’s kingdom. Our ministry team consists of men and women who love Jesus Christ wholeheartedly and who love to work with the kids. We are committed to making a difference in your child’s life!


Our Mission: To teach the gospel and to make a disciple of each child through partnership with parents, a loving and caring environment, modeling Christ-like character, and quality instruction.