Wherever you are on life’s journey–follower of Christ, curious, searching, skeptical, wounded, or broken –NWC is a place where you can experience God’s grace! We hope you will join us for one of our Sunday services at 10:45am. 

What Will Happen When I Visit For The First Time?

From the time you enter our property, our team of greeters and ushers will be at your service. Our goal is to help you find your way, connect with people, and get the information you need to make your visit a pleasant one!

We promise not to embarrass you. So here is what will take place:

  1. You will be invited to stop by our Welcome Center

  2. We will ask you to fill out a Connection Card. We want to follow up with you after your visit. If you feel uncomfortable giving out your personal information, there is no obligation.

  3. You will then receive a FREE gift of appreciation.


Our Welcome Center provides a comfortable setting where you can enjoy conversation with free coffee and light snacks before service.

What About My Kids?

We are here to help you and your child have a positive experience. When you and your family arrive at NWC, you will be directed to our Kids Check – In station. There you will be asked to input all of the important information concerning your children.

We will then invite your child to join us for our Sprouts (Pre-School Ages: 3-5), or L.I.T. Kids (Elementary Grades: K – 5th) services after Sunday Morning Worship.

We provide children with a safe, exciting, high-energy atmosphere that is centralized on the idea that it can never be too early for someone to start their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Am I Expected To Give Money?

We do allow people the opportunity to give their tithes and offerings during our worship experience. If you would like to participate in giving, we thank you in advance.  A financial contribution, like yours, helps us to take the message of hope all around the globe. We believe that all of our giving is in response to God and part of our worship. However, it is important to us that our guests do not feel any pressure to give financially.





We encourage you to wear whatever you would normally wear. We are more concerned with getting to know you than with what you are wearing. We revere, love, and worship God. He is worthy. But Jesus wore street clothes (i.e, normal robes) and so did those who followed him. We come to church with casual dress and passionate hearts.


We love music and we love to set an atmosphere that helps us worship God. We encourage people to worship God with heart and mind and to lift hands, clap, whatever will help you engage and connect with God. Our God is an Awesome God and we want to give him our very best praise and worship.


The Bible is powerful, convicting, comforting, uplifting, challenging, and transformative in its power. It is always true, it is always normative, it always has authority, and it is always to our benefit to believe and live the truth of the Bible. At NWC, we want you to know the Bible so you can be changed by its truth. Even more, so you can know God intimately.